Welcome to the new site and into my crazy world of visual stupidity, get ready this may sting a bit.

The last couple of years have been a crazy adventure, new home, new studio, new baby, and now a new website… WOW! I am super stoked to share all of my creative madness with you and hopefully you will enjoy your visit here. I will try my best to keep this news page filled with current events and fun, art related stuff but for the latest, up to the minute stories scroll to the bottom and check out my Instagram feed and give me a follow. Please feel free to hit up my contact page if you see a problem or just have a suggestion, I am all ears. Have a look around, Thanks for stopping by.



New store! For the last few years we have relied on an outdated web store and a very limited, external, big cartel store, well… no more! We are totally self contained with space for all of the goodies you could ever ask for. There are often bugs in any new system, If you have any issues with your purchase, my store, or the check out process… please contact me and I will get it sorted out ASAP.



Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year from the Tidwells. Let’s kick some ass and rock 2019! I have so many fun art projects in store for you all, I don’t even know where to begin. Let’s start with my annual Valentine’s day letterpress… sneak preview and details coming soon. I hope to finally reveal my top secret series of paintings I have been working on for almost a year… get ready. I have like a zillion new pieces of art, pins, t-shirts, and all sorts of other goodies in the works… including a series of instructional videos to help us all step our game up. Like I said, Soooo much fun heading your way... Let’s do this.