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The new web site

Well... you're looking at it!
Thanks to Justin from for making this madness look and work like it should. I'm sure some of you will run into a snag ot two as we are working out the bugs so if you happen to notice something Justin screwed up ( hahahahaha ) just hit us with an e-mail and we'll try to fix it... I say we because Justin is probably gonna quit after reading that last comment.

If you have ANY QUESTIONS AT ALL... hit us with an e-mail... and before you ask, YES, we are damn sexy and NO we will not send you pictures to prove it.

That's about it... now get your ass inside and look around... we didn't do all this work just so you could sit there and read this crap... now go and enjoy... and Thanks for stopping by.

Posted On: Tuesday, September 26th, 2006 @ 12:24 am by the stressed out web dude

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