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More stupid Tidwell junk...

So, here goes... this is my first post here treating this like a blog. So, stay tuned or stop back from time to time to see what other junk I'm turning out. I hope to post new art, news, and info. at least once a week.

My latest poster... 11 x 26 inches, Hand screen printed right here at Crackhead Press for the deftones. Only 90 posters were made, signed and #ed... I'll have a few for sale here starting the day after the show, so check back around Dec. 15th.

This is a little somethin' I just wraped up for my friends at The Horse chopper magazine... the horse is from their logo so I just added my version of it to what I already had going.

Posted On: Tuesday, November 14th, 2006 @ 11:59 pm by the stressed out web dude

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