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Sorry for the long wait with no new info.
Well... We have a TON of new stuff hitting the streets in the next couple of weeks...
A new 311 / SNOOP DOGG poster, a sick new WIDESPREAD PANIC poster, and 6 new
t-shirts! YES, I said SIX NEW T-SHIRTS to choose from! 2 designs are for the ladies on
some sweet tank tops and girlie tees, 1 design is for the munchkins terrorizing your
homes ( yes, your children! hahaha ), and the final 2 are good ole' t-shirts that fit
everybody! Hell, you can even squeeze on on the family dog if you want to!
Here's a little sneak peak...

New color for the skull print tee... these are on the new Tultex tees made to compete
with American Apparels regular t-shirts... but it has a tear away tag! I likie long time.
The gray ones are printed like this now too... much larger print and off the top of the
shirt... this is how they where supposed to be the first time... MUCH cooler!

Plus our insane leader, Mr. Tidwell,  will be on hand for verbal and physical abuse
at this years Pitchfork Music Festival / Flatstock in Chicago on July 19th and 20th.
He will have all of the new stuff for sale or shop lifting if you are really sneaky!

One last tidbit of info... it's a doozy for all you painters out there...
Tidwell has teamed up with MACK BRUSH COMPANY to design and produce a VERY
limited edition paint brush set... it's 6 brushes made for multi-media use.
They are basically the 6 brushes he uses to create almost everything on this site!
We will have 100 sets, signed and numbered... there are a total of only 288 sets
that will ever be made. Each set will come with a couple goodies all wrapped up in
a nice little package to make all of your friends wet their pants. The sets should be
out in a month or so and will be around the $35 mark... which is pretty damn cheap
for 6 first quality paint brushes... he must be going crazy again... or still!
Here's a little peak at the look of the brushes... they actually have little brass knux
printed on the handles... Hell Yeah!
This is just a computer mock up but you get the idea...

The label for the brush packs... again, it's a mock up...

More news coming soon, Trust us... you gotta take all this madness in small doses.

Posted On: Friday, July 11th, 2008 @ 11:45 pm by the stressed out web dude

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