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4-23-08 HOT OFF THE PRESS... Tidwell art book

Ok all of you art freaks... Yes YOU are a freak! ;-)
I can't help it, I'm F'n STOKED that my new book has hit the ground!
It's 120 pages of sketches, drawings, and inks...
This thing is full to the brim with enough art to make your brain explode!
Trees, cars, skulls, monsters, pinstriping, ribbons, wings, tikis, finks, and everything else known to man kind... there may even be a kitchen sink in there somewhere!
Anyway... it's in the store under BOOKS if you feel the need to waste some of that hard earned paypal make believe money! You won't regret it...

Posted On: Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008 @ 7:21 pm by the stressed out web dude

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