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Ok kids... this is a pretty big update.
I've been slackin' on the news but not the art so I think it's a fair trade... right!
So, new gig posters, art prints, skateboard, and a fresh run of t-shirts!
Let's do this...
Here is the latest colab with LANDYACHTZ skateboard co. in British Columbia...
these kids are totally sick in the head and I love 'em! The built deck is mine so
don't even ask. In order to stick to the ole' school feel, I ordered a set of flo green rails, a tail skid and nose skid! It's the deck I wish I had in 1984!
You can get your very own at They also have a sick longboard
with one of my designs on it.

To stick to the skateboard theme... the latest art print. There are only 100 of these
so don't sleep on it!

The latest gig poster set... FALL OUT BOY! Nothing else needs to be said.
This is a 2 poster set, signed and numbered to match... I left them as an
uncut sheet so the numbers don't get mixed up but there is a line down
the middle if you want to cut them apart for framing or whatever.
They will be available on 4-23-09 but there will only be 30 sets for sale
so don't think too long or you will miss these!

Last but not least... we have placed an order for a fresh run of Quality and Value
t-shirts... they should be in early next week.

NINE LIVES 4 and 5! Hot off the press...
Both are limited edition of 100 signed and numbered art prints.


Posted On: Thursday, April 16th, 2009 @ 1:38 pm by the stressed out web dude

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