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We thought we'd throw some new goodies out here to let you know what Tidwell has
been up to. Here's his latest art print that SOLD OUT in one hour which
is Amazing to say the least... Thanks to all who bought it. As you have read below,
Jeral has been recovering from a life changing accident and these are his first 2
pieces of art since his wrists where re-constructed. There are no words to express
how happy we are to have him back in the saddle and we know he truly does
appreciate all of the support you all have given him... Thanks from all of us.
The new t-shirts should be available next week. The skull and helmet drawing was
the last entry in Jeral's sketch book just 2 days before the crash so he has really
wanted to finish it and get it out on the streets. It is a perfect piece to come back with
since it is a bit prophetic considering what happened just after it was made.
Not to mention... is it pretty BAD ASS if we may say so ourselves. There will also be
stickers with this image coming real soon.

New art print...

T-shirt and sticker art...

Posted On: Friday, December 18th, 2009 @ 1:38 pm by the stressed out web dude


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